5 Essential on Page SEO Factors

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5 Essential on Page SEO Factors

Most online marketers, beginner or professional may agree that if you want your website become in the first page of search engine result, you need to optimize your site. There are lots of factors you need to think about while optimizing your site. Here I will share the 5 on page SEO factors that can improve your search engine position.

1. Keyword

This is the number one of on page SEO factors. The first action before you create content is must be choosing the appropriate keyword. Lots of people claim that the great keyword is a keyword that have high search number, usually more than 100 and low exact search result, usually less than 50,000. Exact search result is the result that contain websites which is really talking about something that we are looking for on search engines. When you search something through search engine together with quote, you will get the exact search result that I am talking about. For instance you type “dog training” (with quote), the result is the web pages that optimize for that keyword.

In my sight, that opinion is not really accurate, there is another factor you need to put in your mind and this is the important of SEO, backlink level competition. Whatever your keyword, have huge or minimal exact search result, you should choose keyword that have lower backlink competition.

2. Domain Name and URL

The domain name must include the topic of your website. If you use your targeted keyword, your site can rank very easy for that keyword.

The URL also need to be both search engine and human friendly. If you use WordPress, you can modify the URL in the setting section and put this code: /%postname%. By using this way, the URL will contain your targeted keyword and easy to read.

3. Meta tags

Meta tags like meta title, description, and keyword should include your targeted keyword, therefore Google know the topic of your site is talking about. Use the powerful All in One SEO pack plug-in to do this.

4. Internal Linking

Internal linking is link inside a website that point to its website itself. This can make all the pages on the website to be interconnected and Google will love it. Take note that the link should include the keyword.

5. Excellent Content

Excellent content can boost your search engine ranking and your credibility. When you provide valuable information for your visitors then search engine will also love it. Because the valuable content can make your site so popular. Usually, if your content is useful for real human visitors, it will get lots of backlinks. You know that backlink is such a vote to your site that tell search engine that your site have a valuable information.

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