Article Marketing and SEO – Backlinks Strategy For Better Search Engine Rankings

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Article Marketing and SEO – Backlinks Strategy For Better Search Engine Rankings

Article marketing is a viable way to get a lot of exposure. As a side bonus is the backlinks to your site, which can increase your search engine rankings. With good rankings comes even more traffic and exposure. How could you create backlinks strategy from articles?

First and foremost, you must understand what article directories and other web sites have as part of the guidelines. In, you can only have at most two links in the resource box.

Being a guest blogger, you may not have that limitation in your articles. You can even add links in the body of the content. However, you may not blatantly post all links to your site. Giving away links to competitors can boost your credibility!

Another thing to remember is that search engines pay attention to the anchor text, i.e. the text that is underlined in a link. If the anchor text says “rose gardening”, and if enough sites link back to one particular page with that anchor text, search engines assume that the page is about rose gardening.

Think of a back link as a vote about the value of the content, although this certainly depends on how you promote it.

Tips: Promoting your articles is just as, if not more, important as the articles themselves. Nothing is more common than great sites that are lack of traffic because of weak promotions.

So, it is important that you format your inbound links with the right anchor text. You should be aware of the another problem though. Many web publishers copy and paste content from article directories without going through the hassles of recreating the links.

Having a link that spells the complete URL of your web page can certainly help in this way so people can see the URL of the offer in the resource box.


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