3 Keys to SEO Even a Beginner Can Understand

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3 Keys to SEO Even a Beginner Can Understand

Internet marketing beginners are usually perplexed because everybody talks about search engine optimization (SEO) but nobody explains properly what it is and why do we need it. SEO is many times misused and with wrong approaches pages easily become cluttered and unreadable. It is very important to obey the first rule of SEO: create for humans, optimize for machines. You should never start thinking of creating pages for search engines. Simply focus on human visitors and create pages for them. There are only a few simple tweaks to improve page content for search engines. Backlink building is also important and there are some simple tricks to get a lot of links.

Content Is King
Google, Yahoo or Bing are not just stupid search machines. They try to behave like humans do when browsing the web. Usually we can easily skip pages with little or no information. When we find a page with some useful information we continue reading and we probably bookmark this page for further visits. The same applies to search engines. They try to select quality pages people will like. Such pages appear first in search results. This means that your page should be informative and should offer some interesting text, images, videos or anything visitors are looking for or like to read. Making a good page includes choosing proper page title which should reflect the content on the page, using header tags to emphasize section titles and subtitles, using image alt tags to label images, etc. If you will follow these guidelines your pages will look attractive and this is the first prerequisite for SEO.

On-page Optimization
Now when the page is created and looks pretty to human visitor it also needs to look pretty to Google and other web crawlers. This means that you have to add few page elements to describe page content like meta description and make sure the target keywords are properly emphasized. SEO is about targeting specific keywords or search phrases. This means that you optimize page to appear on top positions in search results for this keyword or search phrase. If you have already created a page using elements to emphasize important parts of the page (header tags, bold, italics, etc.) and the page is optimized for human visitors then it is very likely that the optimization for search engines is already done.

Off-page Optimization – Website Owners like to Link to Quality Content
This is the second part of SEO. Now you need to get as many links to your website as possible. Each link can bring visitors to your site and search engines understand such links as votes for the page. In other words, pages with many external links are treated as important pages with useful information and rank high in search results. This means that you have to invest some time to get those links. Participate in forums, blogs, contact webmasters of other sites, write articles, press releases, etc.

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