How Do You Choose A Good SEO Company?

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How Do You Choose A Good SEO Company?

SEO service providers use many different techniques to produce results for their customers. As a business owner, how do you select the right service provider?

There are two general categories of SEO services. On-Site and Off-Site. On-Site SEO is reasonably straightforward. Off-site is generally based on getting backlinks to your site. This is where choosing an SEO company can make or break you.

Competition among service providers and ever-increasing demands of website owners to rank well have led to creative solutions to reaching the holy grail of search engine rankings. Many companies providing SEO services use techniques that try to trick the search engines into giving their customers better rankings. Some companies conceive of ideas that will shortcut the system. Still others use methods that can be classified as spam.

Some of these techniques may do more harm than good. A technique that became popular in the last couple of years called “Homepage Backlink Networks” was recently devalued by Google. The technique was basically placing many large articles with many backlinks on high ranking home pages. Networks of these websites sprung up to accommodate demand. As demand grew articles became larger and niches became blurred so the websites content became a red flag for Google. They began de-indexing these networks of websites and as a result, many websites who got caught up in this tactic whether they knew it or not suffered large ranking drops literally overnight.

Another popular tactic is to create thousands of bogus blog comments and post them on thousands of worthless blog sites. How difficult do you think it would be for Google to figure out a given backlink is actually a useless comment on a blog that has thousands of other useless comments? What if they found a thousand of these worthless backlinks pointing to your site?

Would you like your brand name to appear next to a Men’s pharmaceutical link?

The end result is a continuous battle to retake top rankings by coming up with new techniques. Had the work been done properly in the first place there would be no need to invent new ways to outsmart the search engines. Site owners may never even know these techniques are being used on them.


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