How to Create Good Backlinks

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How to Create Good Backlinks

Backlinks are an essential part of any website. They are a measure of importance and authority of the website. Backlinks (in fact their quantity and quality) are also one important part of most search engine ranking algorithms. This means that all SEO methods focus on getting as many backlinks as possible. However, not all links are the same. If you start building backlinks without any strategy you may create links that will immediately look suspicious and may even hurt your website.

The most important rule for link building is to create links that look natural. Natural links are those links to your website which are created by other web users without your intervention. Such backlinks are a reflection of the quality of your website. If you have some interesting content then you will easily get some links from other pages. But if you start building backlinks with only one goal–to optimize pages for specific keywords your backlinks may look very unnatural. There are few link properties that need some additional attention.

The nofollow Attribute

Links with this attribute are of much less value than normal links. Such links also do not contribute to the PageRank calculation and therefore are less attractive for link building. But just because of this you should not discard them. Every web page that people naturally link to has some nofollow links. This is a “natural” profile of the page. In order to have a page with natural-looking links you should also consider to get some backlinks with the nofollow attribute.

Anchor Text

This is the text that actually links to your page. This text explains what your page is about. A good SEO practice is to use relevant keywords for anchor texts. But is you exaggerate by using only few different anchor text versions, your links will look very unnatural. You should use many different words not just target keywords. This will contribute to the natural link profile. If you take a look at yourself how you create links to other pages you will immediately get the point. You never use main keywords of linked pages for anchor text!

Page Relevancy

This is also an important factor. If the page content where a link to your website is located has nothing to do with the content of your page then the link is not considered to be relevant. For example, links to articles with SEO advices are rarely found on health care pages. Of course, there are many situations where you will get link opportunities on not so related pages. You should always use all link opportunities because every link counts.

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